Iditarod Games of Chance Fundraisers



2024 - 2025 IDITAROD LOTTO

One winning ticket is drawn each Wednesday at 12:00 pm and the winner receives 25% of the weekly pot. The winning ticket is drawn from that week’s purchases.

Each week 25% of the pot will be accumulated for the progressive jackpot. All tickets purchased during the current game cycle will go into the drawing for the grand prize on Wednesday, March 12, 2025, at 12:00 pm. The current game cycle is March 13, 2024 through March 12, 2025.

Click Buy now to purchase online entry. Must be buying within the state of Alaska to purchase online.

Call or Text Outside of Alaska ➡ 1-907-841-4578 or fill out the CALLBACK FORM

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June 8, 2023
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To promote, sponsor and sustain the world premier sled dog race along the Iditarod Trail, which incorporates traditional wilderness mushing skills, mandates the humane treatment of dogs, reflects the human wonder and challenge of Alaska’s wilderness, contributes to the historic, social, economic and cultural fabric of Alaska, and preserves the historical contribution and contemporary practice of dog mushing.